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axis diplomat 2022 Modules

The axis diplomat 2022 range covers the full spectrum of business requirements, for businesses ranging from manufacturers, wholesalers, and retailers to hire, import/export and service providers.

The product range consists of a number of modules, some of which are designed to add functionality to other modules, some of which can operate on their own.

Despatch & Delivery Modules

A number of modules provide functionality for Despatch & Delivery - including interfaces to all of the most popular carriers ("delivery service providers").

A complete breakdown of these options can be found in the Despatch & Delivery Modules section.

eBusiness Modules

There is, in addition, a range of eBusiness modules aimed at ecommerce applications - most are designed to add functionality to your axis vMerchant website(s) but others provide interfaces to other 3rd party solutions, including the Marketplaces modules for interfacing with, for example, Amazon and eBay.

These are described in the eBusiness Modules section.

Other modules include:

axis diplomat 2022 Modules View PDF


The axis diplomat Accounts module represents the core of the axis diplomat range. It can be run on its own or complete with a number of other, fully integrated, additional modules, including Warehouse Management, eBusiness, Bill of Materials, Mail Order Processing and Payroll. Read more about Accounts...

View Accounts Factsheet as PDF

Bill of Materials

The axis diplomat Bill of Materials (BOM) module provides for the maintenance of the lists of components and sub-assemblies required to make the stock items manufactured by the company. The resultant database can be used to print parts explosions (i.e. kit lists) and where-used lists, as well as detailed assembly costings. The BOM database is also used by the Material Requirements Planning (MRP) module. Read more about Bill of Materials...

View Bill of Materials Factsheet as PDF

Compact Material Requirements Planning

The axis diplomat MRP module provides the ability to forecast the demand for materials required by manufacturing. This demand is automatically calculated based on the number and variety of customer sales orders and internal works orders for stock, based on sales projections. Read more about Compact Material Requirements Planning...

View Compact Material Requirements Planning Factsheet as PDF

Custom Build Assemblies

Custom Build Assemblies builds on the Bill of Materials module to provide additional functionality to manage sales of products involving configuration options. Read more about Custom Build Assemblies...

View Custom Build Assemblies Factsheet as PDF

Customer Price Feeds

Create price files that are automatically sent to your customers every day.

Specify different file layouts and different product ranges for different customers and choose from a range of additional fields to include. Read more about Customer Price Feeds...

View Customer Price Feeds Factsheet as PDF

eMail Archive Interface

The e-Mail Archive Interface module extends axis diplomat’s already powerful customer relationship management facilities by providing easy access to your organisation’s email archives directly from within customer and supplier enquiry functions. Read more about eMail Archive Interface...

View eMail Archive Interface Factsheet as PDF

European Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)

Handle VAT on Distance Selling into the European Union using the Import One Stop Shop. Read more about European Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)...

View European Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) Factsheet as PDF

Goods on Account

The Goods on Account module allows the separation of the despatch of goods from the generation of invoices, allowing consolidated invoices to be generated, covering deliveries within any period of time for given customers. Read more about Goods on Account...

View Goods on Account Factsheet as PDF

Hand Held Stock Control

Provide your warehouse with handheld data entry devices that allow real-time updating of your stock ledger coupled with the ease and accuracy of bar code operation. Read more about Hand Held Stock Control...

View Hand Held Stock Control Factsheet as PDF

Hire Management

Add functionality to your axis diplomat system to manage both the hire of equipment and the accompanying sale of consumables. Read more about Hire Management...

View Hire Management Factsheet as PDF

Integrated Stock Ledger

Automatically update the Nominal Ledger whenever a stock movement occurs. Read more about Integrated Stock Ledger...

View Integrated Stock Ledger Factsheet as PDF


EC businesses with a value of trade in goods with other EC countries above a specified threshold are required to submit supplementary information to tax authorities in respect of that trade on a monthly basis. Read more about Intrastat...

View Intrastat Factsheet as PDF

Landed and Supplemental Costs

Ensure that your stock valuation reflects the true cost, including supplemental elements such as freight, insurance and duty. Read more about Landed and Supplemental Costs...

View Landed and Supplemental Costs Factsheet as PDF


Allow both sales and purchases to be made in multiple currencies. Read more about Multi-Currency...

View Multi-Currency Factsheet as PDF

Multi-Location Stock

Allows stock to be held at a number of distinct locations - either separate physical locations (such as branches or warehouses) or logically separated stock (such as quarantine stock or stock awaiting repair). Read more about Multi-Location Stock...

View Multi-Location Stock Factsheet as PDF

Multiple VAT Registrations

Manage VAT for businesses registered in multiple EC countries. Read more about Multiple VAT Registrations...

View Multiple VAT Registrations Factsheet as PDF

Opayo ePOS Payment Processing

Interface with Chip and Pin Payment Terminals for customer-present transactions, including retail and trade counters. Read more about Opayo ePOS Payment Processing...

View Opayo ePOS Payment Processing Factsheet as PDF

Payment Card Security

Help take more of your systems and processes out of scope for PCI DSS Compliance. Read more about Payment Card Security...

View Payment Card Security Factsheet as PDF

Payment Service Provider (PSP) Interfaces

Payment Service Providers (PSPs) offer online services for accepting payments using various payment methods including credit card, debit cards and bank transfer and allow businesses to accept online payments without the need to securely process payments themselves. Read more about Payment Service Provider (PSP) Interfaces...

View Payment Service Provider (PSP) Interfaces Factsheet as PDF

Point of Sale

Designed for trade counters and retail sales outlets that require much greater functionality than offered by a simple till. Read more about Point of Sale...

View Point of Sale Factsheet as PDF

Pricing & Discounting

axis diplomat offers a wide variety of different discounting and pricing options, which between them cover just about every requirement. Many are standard, whilst others are additional modules, which may be used alone or in combination. Read more about Pricing & Discounting...

View Pricing & Discounting Factsheet as PDF

Purchase Delivery Advice

Record your supplier's Advance Shipment Notifications within axis diplomat and make the information available to staff to aid planning, provide more accurate information to customers and make the receipt of large shipments more efficient, especially when dealing with deliveries which may be a consolidation of a number of your purchase orders. Read more about Purchase Delivery Advice...

View Purchase Delivery Advice Factsheet as PDF

Service Contract Management

Control the billing and tracking of contracts in a simple and effective way. Read more about Service Contract Management...

View Service Contract Management Factsheet as PDF

Stock Lines

Manage ranges of products that are stocked and sold in variations such as size and/or colour - ideal for managing clothing, but equally useful for a wide range of other applications, from paper to paint! Read more about Stock Lines...

View Stock Lines Factsheet as PDF

Stock Transaction Traceability

Record and track stock items by serial number or batch number and manage Best Before dates and Warranty periods more easily. Read more about Stock Transaction Traceability...

View Stock Transaction Traceability Factsheet as PDF

Telephony Interface

The axis diplomat Telephony Interface module offers close integration between axis diplomat and supported telephony systems. Read more about Telephony Interface...

View Telephony Interface Factsheet as PDF

Telephony Interface: FAQs

Computer Telephony Integration (CTI) is a general term used to describe interaction of phone systems with IT systems. The axis diplomat Telephony Interface module utilises the phone system's CTI capabilities to deliver its functionality. Read more about Telephony Interface: FAQs...

View Telephony Interface: FAQs Factsheet as PDF

Test Scheduling and Recording

Manage hire items that need regular testing and/or certification with this addition to axis diplomat's Hire Management module. Read more about Test Scheduling and Recording...

View Test Scheduling and Recording Factsheet as PDF

Voice Recording Interface

The axis diplomat Voice Recording Interface offers close integration between axis diplomat and supported call recording solutions. Read more about Voice Recording Interface...

View Voice Recording Interface Factsheet as PDF

Workshop Job Management

The axis diplomat Workshop Job Management module is designed to provide a simple method of booking, controlling and invoicing workshop jobs. Read more about Workshop Job Management...

View Workshop Job Management Factsheet as PDF
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