Recent Software Developments

Listed below are a number of the key enhancements that have been added to axis diplomat and axis payroll.

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Kernel (Core) Software

Improved Usability of Monitors

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers

Release Date: 27/12/2019

A significant improvement to the usability of monitors has been released. The periodic refresh of the list of items is now done in the background, meaning that it is still possible to interact with the items shown during the process. The only indication that the monitor is refreshing is a change to the status shown below the tab title and, in general, the user will be unaware that this is happening.

The ability to continue using the monitor whilst it is refreshing will be particularly useful when using monitors that are listing a large amount of data or for those using monitors across a network, where reloading the data can take noticeably longer than when running in a 'thin client' environment.

When not refreshing, the status line indicates the time that the last refresh occurred, giving an indication of how fresh the data shown is.

Sales Ledger, CRM & Sales Order Processing

Additional information in Recent Sales dialog

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers

Release Date: 21/01/2020

A number of additional columns have been added to the Recent Sales dialog in Sales Order Maintenance, providing a wealth of information that is particularly useful in a telesales environment:

To keep the information shown as concise as possible, these additional columns are not enabled by default - to enable them, simply right-click on the header and enable just the additional columns that are relevant to the way that you work:

The Recent Sales option is ideal for users who take frequent repeat orders from customers as it allows the operator to prompt the customer for items they may have forgotten to order. It is accessed from the "Insert Item" dialog:

Allow Deletion of Customer Contacts

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers

Release Date: 02/01/2020

It is now possible to permanently delete unused Customer Account Contacts rather than mark them as left.

This is ideal for situations where contacts have been added in error - for example, after adding a contact for "Jim Brown" before realising that this is the same person as the existing "James Brown" contact.

You will be able to delete contacts only if the contact

The ability to delete contacts is controlled by Security Permissions and so can be removed on a user, group or system-wide basis:

Search added for Delivery Addresses in Sales Order Maintenance

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers

Release Date: 23/12/2019

A search facility has been added to the Enter/Amend Sales Order functions, as well as those for Quotation and Service Contract maintenance, when the "Deliver to" option is set to "Account Address".

When clicking the Search icon, , a full search dialog is offered, making it much easier to find the appropriate account.

This also provides the ability to create a new account for the delivery from within the document maintenance function.

Purchase Ledger & Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Order Due Dates

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers with the Purchase Order Acknowledged Receipt Date module

Release Date: 20/12/2019

The Transactions tab within Stock Enquiry has been extended to include a column showing the Original Due Date for Purchase Orders.

If this is overdue then it is shown in red.

Purchase Order Attachments shown in Supplier Enquiry

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers

Release Date: 18/12/2019

The Purchase Orders tab in Supplier Enquiry now includes an additional column to indicate whether the purchase order includes attachments.

Purchase Requirements and Back-to-Back Orders

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers with the Back to Back Ordering module

Release Date: 02/12/2019

The function Create Requirements from Stock File has been extended to allow back-to-back orders to be ignored when calculating On Order quantities.

When this option is selected, back-to-back purchase orders, sales orders and any associated receipts are excluded. This helps to avoid situations where , for example, stock destined for a specific order is included in the calculated On Order quantity because the purchase order falls within the selected date range but the sales order does not.

Stock Ledger, Bill of Materials & MRP

Stock Record Block Amendment and Cost Type

Available to all axis diplomat 2016 customers with the Bill of Materials module

Release Date: 06/01/2020

Stock Record Block Amendment now allows you to change the Cost Type for a selection of stock records.

Cost Type may be set to one of the following:

The Cost Type is used to sub-divide cost analysis within Bill of Materials reporting.

Stock Control Monitor

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers

Release Date: 04/12/2019

Two additional columns have been added to the Stock Control Monitor. These columns indicate whether the items are Discontinued and Available for Purchasing.

Filter Aged Stock Valuation Report for Discontinued Items

Available to all axis diplomat 2016 customers

Release Date: 03/12/2019

The Aged Stock Valuation Report can now be filtered to only show Discontinued Items or, conversely, to exclude them:

Warehouse Management

Improved performance when printing Delivery Notes

Available to axis diplomat 2018 Software Assurance customers with the Despatch & Delivery Management module

Release Date: 30/12/2019

Production of Delivery Notes as part of the Consignment process is now handled by a background process. By eliminating the need to reload the function and process the document templates each time a Delivery Note is generated, much of the overhead of document production is eliminated.

In tests, some users have reported that the time taken to generate a Delivery Note during Consignment is reduced to just 5% of the time previously taken. The actual time saving will vary from system to system but should, for all users, provide a significant improvement. Those with more complex templates, involving multiple document variants, will benefit even more.

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