Recent Software Developments

Listed below are a number of the key enhancements that have been added to our software since the release of axis diplomat 2016 and axis payroll 2016.

Enhancements cover the following modules:

Kernel (Core) Software

Date Filtering in Scrolling Data Lists

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 11/09/2017

Setting filters on Scrolling Data Lists is now aware of when a column contains dates and sorts the list of dates into chronological order instead of alphabetical order.

Previously. all column filter lists were treated as text and sorted accordingly - meaning that the list above would have started with 09/11/2016 and ended with 14/12/2016.

Date Selection Filters

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 28/03/2017

The list of data selections available when filtering a monitor tab by date has been extended from Single Date and Date Range to include a host of pre-defined selections, including last week, last month, this year and last year.

Configurable Email Subject by Variant

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 27/02/2017

For those using document variants, such as on systems with the Trading Identities module, it is now possible to configure different email subjects for each variant.

Filters for Current User and Current Group

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 13/10/2016

On monitor tabs that allow filtering by axis diplomat user and/or group (such as CRM Calls and User Activity), it is now possible to specify "Current User" and "Current Group" as selections. When monitors are shared, these filters will then use the ID or Group of the user viewing the monitor at the time.

This enhancement makes it easier to create shared monitors with, for example, a "My Calls" tab. Previously you would have needed to create separate tabs for  each user (or each user would have needed their own custom monitor).

Nominal Ledger & General Accounts

Domestic Reverse Charge VAT on Purchases

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 30/05/2017

For those axis diplomat users who purchase goods or services that fall under the rules of Domestic Reverse Charge VAT (including, for example, mobile phones, subject to certain de minimis limits), Purchase Order Invoice Booking has now been extended to support this.

When booking a supplier's invoice via Purchase Order Invoice Booking, you now have the option to specify (for Standard UK suppliers) VAT treatment as "Domestic Reverse Charge".

In these cases, the VAT is not added to the invoice value but is recorded; axis diplomat then reports the VAT amount as both Output Tax and Input Tax. The goods value is reported in Total Inputs but not Total Outputs.

For more information:

Multi-User Previous Period Adjustments

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 24/03/2017

The Nominal Ledger function "Previous Period Adjustments" has been reworked to allow operation in multi-user mode.

The function allows adjustment journals to be entered for any completed accounting period within the current year or either of the two preceeding years.

The function has also been extended to allow adjustments to be posted to previously unused years. This is particularly useful when correcting errors brought forward from legacy accounting systems when implementing a new axis diplomat system.

Sales Ledger, CRM & Sales Order Processing

Collection Notes

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 18/09/2017

The Customer Returns module, introduced with axis diplomat 2016, now allows the production of a Collection Note.

This Document Designer-based document will be particularly useful to those using their own vans to collect items from customers. As well as documenting the items to be collected, the Collection Note can also be designed to incorporate a signature box to be left with the customer as a receipt for the collected goods.

Configure "Return Goods into Stock" Behaviour

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 08/09/2017

Additional parameters have been added to axis diplomat's "User and Group Maintenance" function to allow you to configure, on a user-by-user basis, the action for returning goods into stock when raising credits.

Normally, when raising Sales Ledger credits (either via a credit note or a negative line on a Sales Order), you can choose whether or not the item(s) being credited should be returned into stock. The default action is determined by a system-wide parameter.

Additional settings on each user account now allow you to vary that behaviour for an individual.

You are now able to indicate that the default action for a particular user differs to the overall system. Furthermore, you are also able to prevent the user from changing that behaviour. The user above, for example, will always return goods into stock when raising a credit note and will be unable to change that setting.

Selected Line Values in Sales Order Monitor

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 05/09/2017

axis diplomat 2016 has always allowed Sales Order monitor tabs to be filtered to show just those orders containing certain products but a new column, Selected Items Total Value, has now been added to show the order value of just those selected products.

For example, this Sales Order monitor tab has been filtered to only include Sales Orders including lawn mowers:

The monitor has also been filtered to show all orders from last year (including those that are complete). From this monitor, we can now see that the total value of orders that included Lawn Mowers was £287,623, of which £63,132 was made up of the Lawn Mowers themselves:

Numeric Customer List

Available to all axis diplomat 2016 customers

Release Date: 14/08/2017

The Sales Ledger report Numeric Customer List has been extended to allow reporting of just those customers that are not currently assigned to any campaigns.

The filter can be found on the Inclusions and Exclusions tab:

Account Types in Customer List by Turnover

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 28/04/2017

The Customer List by Turnover report has been modified to allow reporting of just live accounts, just closed accounts or both.


Non-Resaleable Products in Keyword Search

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 27/03/2017

A new system parameter has been added to allow you to see non-resaleable items in keyword search results when adding items to sales orders. When set, non-resaleable items will appear within the search results and will be greyed out. They may not be added to the order but are shown for information only.

The parameter to enable this functionality can be found on the Prompt Defaults tab within the Maintain SOP Parameters function.

Campaign Calls

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 20/03/2017

When using Campaigns to manage regular outbound telesales and an order is entered on the system, you now have the option of leaving the call open. Calls would previously have been automatically completed when an order was placed.

Exceptional Sales Customer Accounts

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 23/11/2016

For users of the Demand Forecasting module, it is now possible to flag individual customer accounts as "Exceptional Sales". All sales for such customers will then be marked as exceptional sales and therefore excluded from the Demand Forecasting calculation.

Customer Price List Updates

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 18/10/2016

It is now possible to create new customer price list entries for items being added to Sales Orders. Previously, it was only possible to update existing entries.

System parameters exist to enable or disable this functionality and to set the default value. These can be found on the Prompt Suppression and Prompt Defaults tabs of the Maintain SOP Parameters function respectively.

Purchase Ledger & Purchase Order Processing

Purchase Invoice Discounts

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 22/12/2016

Purchase Order Invoice Booking has been extended to allow ad hoc discount lines to be added to a purchase invoice. This is ideal for use where discounts have been applied that do not relate to specific items on the order.

Stock Ledger, Bill of Materials & MRP

Works Order Status Codes

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 14/09/2017

For users of the Compact MRP module, Document Status codes have now been extended to apply to Works Orders.

Document status codes were introduced in axis diplomat 2010 to allow user-defined statuses against sales orders and quotations. Since then, they have also been extended to apply to contracts and contract requests, for users of the Service Contract Management module.

By extending document status codes to Works Orders, you are now able to define your own states for Works Orders. For example, a works order might be "Awaiting Scheduling", "Awaiting Components", "In Production" or "In QC".

Furthermore, you can also indicate that certain status codes should trigger an email to the customer at the point a works order is changed to that status - this might, for example, be an email to explain that the order has now entered production and should be ready for despatch within one week.

Hide Overall Stock Figures

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 20/06/2017

It is now possible to hide the Overall Stock Levels group from the Stock Enquiry function. It was already possible to hide specific stock figures (such as the On Hand figure) but this enhancement now means that the entire section can be hidden.

One possible use for this could be on systems with the Multi-Location Stock module if you wish to force operators to look at the stock figures by location rather than making assumptions on stock availability by looking at the overall figures.

The presence of the Overall Stock Levels section is controlled via a checkbox within the Maintain Stock Ledger Parameters function:

Stock Enquiry showing Overall Stock Levels

Equivalent Stock Enquiry with Overall Stock Levels hidden


Default Quantities on Custom Builds

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 15/06/2017

For those users with the Custom Build Assemblies module, it is now possible to specify a default quantity against each item in an option list:

The default quantity is then used when adding the Custom Build to a Sales Order or Quotation:

The addition of a default quantities can make Custom Build items much easier to add to orders. For example, a chair can now default to having two standard arms whilst still allowing the operator to specify different arms or no arms at all. The minimum and maximum quantities specified would still prevent the configuration of a chair with, for example, four arms. Similarly, a PC could be configured with a standard hard drive but a larger, smaller or faster disk could be chosen if required.

For more information:

Hide Specific Stock Locations from Stock Figures

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 06/06/2017

For users of the Multi-Location Stock module, it is now possible to exclude stock at specific locations from the overall stock figures shown by the system.

An additional tick box has been added to Maintain Stock Locations to specify that a location's stock figures are to be excluded:

Functions within axis diplomat which then show overall stock figures for items will then exclude the stock at such locations:

The example above shows the Stock function indicating a Free Stock figure of 13, which includes the stock at Main Depot, Greenton and Littletown but does not include the stock at the Quarantine location.

This facility is ideal for those wanting to ensure that operators (especially those in sales and customer services departments who may quote stock availability to customers) do not include stock that is not generally available. This might not only include a Quarantine location as shown in the example above but could also include consignment stock held on a customer's site, demonstration stock or stock held by particular members of staff (such as in an engineer's car or van).

Catalogue Page Numbers in Stock Control Monitor

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 19/04/2017

An additional column has been added to the Stock Control Monitor to show the Catalogue Page Number(s):

Component Costs within Works Order Enquiry

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 03/01/2017

Additional columns have been added to the Components tab of Works Order Enquiry to show Estimated Cost and, for components that have been issued, Actual Cost.

The appearance of these columns is subject to the user having the appropriate security permissions.

Unit Price displayed in Supplier Price Lists

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 22/11/2016

The Supplier Price List tab in Stock Enquiry now includes an additional column for the equivalent unit price. This now makes it much easier to compare supplier prices where different suppliers provide the same product but in different pack sizes and priced by the pack.

The equivalent unit price is calculated to six decimal places to provide meaningful comparisons between suppliers even when the inidividual items are of very small value or the pack sizes are very large.

Warehouse Management

Suppress Partial Kit Release

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 27/06/2017

For those using handheld sales order picking in conjunction with kits, it is now possible to configure axis diplomat to prevent the partial picking of kits.

This allows you to set despatch quantities for partial kits (to ensure that stock is reserved) whilst preventing those incomplete kits from being inadvertently sent to the customer.

The ability to configure kits is an integral part of the Bill of Materials module.

Office Products

Excluding Specific Suppliers from Automatic Price Feeds

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 20/02/2017

A new setting has been added to suppliers supporting price feeds to allow you to exclude them from the automatic background feed process. Options have also been added to the Amend Scheduled Processing Settings function to allow you to configure start and end times for the automatic feed processes.

Support for Vow ePremium Product Files

Available to Software Assurance Customers Only

Release Date: 05/01/2017

The Import VOW Product File function has been extended to support the XML format product files supplied by Vow to subscribers to their ePremium service. axis vMerchant already offers support for ePremium rich data.


Maintain eBusiness Vouchers

Available to all axis diplomat 2016 customers with eBusiness

Release Date: 09/08/2017

For users of the optional eBusiness Vouchers module, the list of vouchers shown in the maintenance function now shows both the associated stock item and its VAT status:

It is recommended that all stock items associated with eBusiness Vouchers are marked as VAT Inclusive as this will avoid rounding issues with percentage discount vouchers. If discounts were calculated on the net value of the items in the shopping basket and then VAT added afterwards, the shopper could be confused by a gross discount that is not the exact amount that they would expect.

For more information:

Workshop Job Management

Document Designer-based Workshop Job Documents

Available to all axis diplomat 2016 customers with Workshop Job Management

Release Date: 30/09/2016

Support has now been added for three different Workshop Job documents that can be created using Document Designer:

Since you are able to design each document to meet your own requirements, each document can be used for any particular purpose that you need.

The intention, however, is that a Workshop Job Sheet would be a document sent to a customer confirming the details of the job (akin to an Order Acknowledgement for Sales Orders), a Workshop Job Service Worksheet would be used internally by your workshop (similar to a Sales Order's Advice/Packing Note) whilst the Delivery Note for Workshop Job would be used when returning repaired items to the customer.

Configuration is via the function "Maintain SOP Parameters". Workshop Job Sheets and Workshop Job Service Sheets are configured via the "Documentation 3" tab whilst Delivery Notes for Workshop Jobs are configured along with other variations of delivery note on the "Documentation 2" tab.

For users of the Workshop Job Management module in conjunction with the Customer Assets module, it is also possible to include columns on a document to indicate the serial number of each item on the job that is linked to an asset as well as an indicator as to whether the asset is under warranty.

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