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Upgrading to axis diplomat 2020 and axis payroll 2020

New Features Overview
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Software Assurance Subscribers

If you currently have a Software Assurance agreement then you are entitled to an upgrade of your axis diplomat software licence under the terms of your agreement. All axis payroll support agreements include Software Assurance for axis payroll as standard.

To request an update to axis diplomat 2020 and/or axis payroll 2020, you must complete the form on this web site. This form also allows training and implementation services to be ordered at the same time.

axis diplomat 2020 builds on the successful features and functions of axis diplomat 2018, and the enhancements introduced in previous updates to bring even greater functionality, leading to greater efficiencies and faster return on investment (ROI).

The key highlights are:

upgrade to axis diplomat 2020

This new release also includes many enhancements within additional modules; for example, .

If, after reviewing this upgrade information, you still have questions regarding the upgrade to axis diplomat 2020, please visit the axis diplomat 2020 Upgrade Frequently Asked Questions page.

axis payroll 2020

The release of axis payroll 2020 coincides with the release of axis diplomat 2020. The upgrade documentation described above also covers axis payroll 2020.

Upgrades from releases prior to axis diplomat 2018

If you are currently running axis diplomat 2012 or below then you may also wish to review the benefits that intervening releases offered over and above your current software since you will, of course, benefit from these enhancements as well when upgrading to axis diplomat 2016.

If you are currently running ...

then please also refer to...

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Release prior to axis diplomat 2004
(axis 7.4, axis diplomat 2000 and
axis diplomat 2000SE)

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