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1. axis diplomat Safe Off-site Storage (SoS)

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1.1 What is SoS?

Safe Off-Site Storage is a subscription-based service that automatically stores backups of your axis diplomat data on our secure servers.

By automating the storing of backups off-site, you are protected against physical loss or damage to your servers (for example by fire or from theft). Without an automated off-site backup, loss of the server(s) or other disaster recovery scenario would typically entail the loss of at least twenty-four hours data as it relies on the last time removable media was taken off-site.

Our servers monitor the receipt of SoS backups from you on a daily basis and alert both you and our services team if an expected backup is not received.


1.2 How does SoS work?

Your axis diplomat data is backed-up, compressed, and transfered over your internet connection to our servers by an automated axis diplomat process, typically overnight.

You can also supplement this by transmitting an axis diplomat backup which you have taken manually at any time should you wish (although transmitting a backup during the day will utilise internet connection bandwidth which may impact on the performance of your internet connection for other purposes).

The data is highly compressed during the backup phase ensuring that the minimum amout of disk storage is consumed and that the time and bandwidth required to transmit the backup are kept to a minimum. The size of a backup (and therefore the time taken to transmit it to our servers) will depend on the size of your axis diplomat data and the speed (and available bandwidth) of your internet connection.

Our SoS servers send a confirmation email to a named contact each day advising them of the successful receipt of your backup or of any failure so that you are aware of the SoS backup status at all times.


1.3 What happens in the event of a disaster?

In the event of a disaster, the latest axis diplomat software can be downloaded from our web site and the SoS data backup can simply be downloaded via the Internet and restored. This provides recovery of axis diplomat onto a replacement Windows host server with the minimum of delay and effort.




1.4 Why use SoS instead of other 3rd party backup services?

SoS is specifically designed to meet the requirements of axis diplomat. The backup is taken by axis diplomat itself and this means that the integrity of the data can be checked. Third party solutions could result in only a partial (or inconsistent) backup which may be useless in a disaster recovery senario.

The availability of up-to-date data from your system also allows us to provide software support services more quickly and in a less obtrusive manner. Our support consultants can utilise your SoS backup to examine software behaviour with your exact data as well as performing tests and proposed resolutions "off line" on our test servers rather than your live system.


1.5 How many backups are stored?

The three most recent backups are retained with the oldest replaced by the most recent each time a backup is transferred to our SoS servers (FIFO rotation). 


1.6 How much does SoS cost?

Secure Off-Site Storage is available from £39+VAT per axis diplomat data set (company) per month or, to put it another way, peace of mind for little more than £1 per day.

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