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axis diplomat 2020 Business Software

Software for Accounting, Stock Control, Order Processing and much more...

Designed for a wide range of businesses including Wholesale, Multi-Channel Retail and Manufacturing, axis diplomat is our ERP, order processing, stock control and accounting solution, which also fully integrates with our eCommerce solution axis vMerchant.

Read more about our extensive range of features below.

axis diplomat features

  • Warehouse Management

    Use axis diplomat to manage multiple warehouses - either separate locations on one site (such as bulk and pick face) or across multiple sites; use traditional paper-based methods or handheld data capture PDAs.

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  • Stock Control

    Manage stock on a FIFO (first in first out) basis or use batch or serial number control to give you accurate costing and full traceability and use axis diplomat to manage your re-ordering and stock takes with ease.

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  • Order Processing

    Streamline the processing of your sales and purchase orders; fulfill orders from stock or from suppliers (back-to-back or drop-ship) and make sure that the right stock is allocated to the right customer at the right time.

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  • Delivery Management

    Whether using a well-known national carrier, your own vehicles or specialist services such as Amazon's Seller Fulfilled Prime, axis diplomat provides not only slick automation but accurate information at your fingertips.

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  • eBusiness

    Avoid unnecessary duplication of effort by interfacing directly with your website and marketplaces such as Amazon and eBay. Use EDI to trade with corporate clients.

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  • Accounts

    Use the integrated financial ledgers supplied as part of every axis diplomat system to manage your accounts or, if you prefer, link to your existing Sage accounts software.

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  • CRM

    Track and manage all of the interactions with your customers - not just sales opportunities but accounts, customer service and R&D.

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  • Business Intelligence

    Extract the maximum benefit from the data accumulating within your axis diplomat system to analyse your business in the ways that you want to.

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  • Security

    Be safe in the knowledge that you can make your axis diplomat system as secure as you need it to be - restrict access where necessary and ensure that the data your company relies on is safe.

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axis diplomat is highly modular and a range of Fact Sheets are available which describe in more detail some of the additional optional modules whilst this website contains more in-depth information on some of the standard facilities within the software..

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