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Safe Off-Site Storage

axisfirst has always placed the highest priority on the security and integrity of the data that you store in your axis diplomat system. Hardware, software, even buildings, are replaceable - your data is not!

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To help advise customers on their backup procedures, axisfirst has produced a white paper entitled "Data Security Best Practice", which is packed with useful advice on the best way of securing your most important IT investment - your data.

To help prevent any loss of this data, axis diplomat comes complete with comprehensive facilities to backup (and restore) your axis diplomat database(s). axisfirst strongly recommends that you use these facilities to backup your data at least once daily and that this backup mechanism is used IN ADDITION to tape backups of your system.

Now, with our Safe Off-Site Storage (SOS) Service, axis diplomat can be configured to perform backups of your axis diplomat data automatically to a remote server via the Internet. This helps to protect your data in the event of flood, fire, theft, or other disaster as the backup is duplicated on a server at another location as well as on your own axis diplomat server.

Safe Off-Site Storage is a subscription-based service that allows you to store the three most recent backups of your axis diplomat data on our secure servers.

By storing backups off-site, you are protected against physical damage to your servers (for example by fire damage) or from theft of the servers. With the vast majority of companies backing up their data overnight, loss of the servers will normally entail at least the loss of twenty-four hours data for the simple reason that even if the server had completed its backup, the tape would have still been in the server at the time it was destroyed or stolen. In the event of a disaster, the data backup can be simply downloaded via the Internet and restored - all that you require is your axis diplomat software CD.

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