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axis vMerchant Feature List

Compare the features available in different editions of axis vMerchant.


axis vMerchant Express

axis vMerchant Professional


General Construction

Design Flexibility Standardised Layout Freeform Layout
Trade (B2B) and Retail (B2C) Operation
Responsive Design
Always Encrypted Operation


Search Engines & Marketing

Sitemap Page
Sitemap XML
URL Re-writing
Custom URL Re-writing Rules
Google Analytics
Meta Data
OG Tags
Google Shopping
Affiliate Advertising (see note 1)
Source Tracking


Product Catalogue

eBusiness Catalogues
Grid View and List View
Product Filters
Predictive Searching
Search Dictionary (see note 1)
Case Pricing (see note 1)
Image Categories
Image Resizing
Image Zoom
Image Pop Up
Image Watermarking
360° Images
Downloadable Files (see note 1)
Stock Lines
Custom Stock Data
3rd Party Rich Stock Data (see note 1)
Equipment Compatibility (see note 1)
Superseded Stock
Pick 'n' Mix (see note 1)



Special Offers
Featured Items
Best Sellers
Most Recent Additions
Recently Viewed Items
Optional Extras
Stock Availability
In Stock Notifications (see note 1)
Promotional Vouchers
Customer Vouchers (see note 1)
Free Gift
Reviews (see note 1)
Online Help (see note 1)
Mailing List Subscribe/Unsubscribe


Checkout & Registration

Retail Checkout without Registration
Retail Checkout with Registration
Registration without Purchase
Opayo (see note 1)
Pay 360 (see note 1)
PayPal (see note 1)
Other Payment Methods
Tokens (see note 1)
Delivery Areas
Delivery Services
Loqate (see note 1)


Account Functionality

Change Password
Change Contact Details
Change Contact Preferences
Order History
Buy Again
Transaction History
Recently Purchased Products


B2B Functionality

Contract Order Form
Statement of Account
PDF Invoice/Credit Notes (see note 1)
Pay Outstanding Invoices
CSV Order Upload
eProcurement (see note 1)
Branch Switching


International Trade

Multi-Currency (see note 1)
Multi-Lingual (see note 1)
Multiple VAT Registrations (see note 1)
Conditional VAT Destinations


Note 1        May require additional axis diplomat module
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