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axis portal

Online Account Management for your Customers

Would you like to offer your customers the option of managing their accounts online but feel that an online shop is not appropriate?

Perhaps your products or services are not suitable for selling online or maybe you are just not ready to embrace a full eCommerce solution at this time.

axis portal is an online customer portal allowing your customers to manage their account but without the associated functionality of a full online shop.

Provide your customers with the facilities they want whilst saving you time.

axis portal has been designed to be fully responsive from the ground up so it's as happy running on a smartphone as on a desktop PC - which means that your customers can access the information they need, wherever they are.

axis portal can also help with your compliance - both with the General Data Protection Regulaton (GDPR) and the Payment Card Industry's Data Security Standard (PCI DSS).


Full Integration

axis portal is fully integrated with your axis diplomat software.

Not only is account information automatically uploaded from axis diplomat to axis portal but updates made by your customers are synchronised back to axis diplomat as well.

The really great part is that this can all happen without any user intervention at all!


With axis portal, your customers can:

  • View their current statement
  • View historical transactions
  • View or download invoices and credit notes as PDFs
  • Store credit/debit cards for future use
  • Use credit/debit cards and/or PayPal to make payments on account or settle outstanding invoices
  • Manage additional users
  • Update their contact details
  • Update their marketing preferences


With axis portal, you can:

  • Reduce the time spent dealing with accounts queries and providing copy invoices
  • Improve credit control by allowing customers to pay outstanding invoices online
  • Improve data integrity by allowing customers to update their contact details and their list of users
  • Help with your PCI DSS compliance by taking online card payments rather than over the phone
  • Help with your GDPR compliance by allowing customers to update their marketing preferences

Please note that some facilities may require additional axis diplomat modules and/or subscriptions to third party services. Please refer to the axis portal Feature Guide (see below) for further information. axis portal is designed to work with axis diplomat 2016 and above.


A Customer Portal with your Corporate Branding

axis portal has been designed for rapid deployment, which means that you do not need to go through the full design and specification stages that you would expect of a corporate website.

This does not prevent your axis portal being branded for you with your corporate colours and logo. It can also operate from your own domain or sub-domain so it will reflect your own identity.

Try it for yourself

Visit our demonstration axis portal to see more.

You will need to login so here are some credentials:

User ID
Password      daffodil


In addition to the main Account Management facilities offered by axis portal, you are also provided with a Content Management System to allow you to create your own additional information pages (such as Terms and Conditions and Privacy Policy).

You are able to add these pages to the menus that form part of the header and footer of the pages.


Download your complete guide to the features and functionality of axis portal

Simply fill in the form across to receive your 30 page guide.

The guide includes detailed descriptions of the online account management functions available to your customers, including optional facilities and any required axis diplomat modules.


axis portal feature guide form
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