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This section provides software downloads, which are either updates to the axis diplomat product(s) or are utilities useful to users of axis diplomat.

AXIS Report Viewer

This utility allows you to view documents created by saving axis diplomat reports in .AXR format.

Download Report Viewer

AXIS Patch Installer

This utility allows you to install patch files supplied by the axis diplomat Customer Services department in .AXZ format.

Download Patch Installer

AXIS Data Recovery Utility

This utility allows you to restore axis diplomat backups in .AXB format and is provided to aid in disaster recovery situations.

Download Data Recovery Utility

axis diplomat 2020 Demonstration Data

Download the latest standard demonstration data for axis diplomat. This download is approximately 400MB and is in .AXB format - you will need an existing axis diplomat 2020 system installed in order to use this data.

Download Demonstration Data

Adobe Reader

This utility allows you to view documents in Adobe's Portable Document Format (PDF). This format is used for electronic copies of axis diplomat documents. For further information, please visit the Adobe website at

Download Adobe Reader