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Support Options

axisfirst Software Care Contracts

axisfirst is able to provide Care Contracts for any version of axis diplomat still within mainstream support and, to a limited degree, for systems within the Extended Support phase.

For information on the support lifecycles for each version, please see the Product Support Lifecycle Policy.

axisfirst Software Care Contracts entitle you to unlimited support via telephone within normal office hours (9am-5pm, Monday to Friday, excepting bank holidays) or via this website using the Call Portal option (available once logged in). Customers with systems covered by a Software Care Contract are also entitled to free level upgrades within their version.

All calls to our Software Help Desk are treated on a first-come, first-served basis.

Software Assurance

Software Assurance is an option that can be added to your axisfirst Software Care Contract and which will entitle you to any new versions of software that are released whilst you have that Software Assurance option in place.

Software Assurance means that you can keep your axis diplomat software up-to-date whilst maintaining a predictable monthly budget.

Read more about Software Assurance

Safe Off-Site Storage

The Safe Off-Site Storage (SOS) service allows axis diplomat customers to subscribe to a service that will automatically send an overnight backup to our own backup servers via the Internet. This helps to protect your data in the event of flood, fire, theft or other disaster as the backup is off-site.

Read more about Safe Off-Site Storage

Implementation Services Packs (Time Unit Based)

Implementation Services Packs (generally known as TUBS Packs or Time-Unit-Based-Support) provide a mechanism to allow you to pre-purchase blocks of time that can be used for specific Implementation-orientated services not covered by a conventional Support Contract.

Typical services provided using Implementation Services Packs include:

Time-Units purchased via an Implementation Services Pack can also be used for minor modifications and revisions to any website built by axisfirst.

Read more about Implementation Services Packs or View the Implementation Services Packs PDF

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