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axis diplomat Hire Management Software

The package integrates seamlessly with the axis diplomat Accounts package for the creation of invoices, for both on-going hires and off-hires. The strong, highly-functional stock ledger that is an integral part of the Accounts package provides good stock control facilities for those companies that routinely sell as well as hire.


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Hire Management and Invoicing

At the core of axis diplomat for hire is a register of items available for hire, which can include both capital and expendable items. A capital item is held individually, such as a specific compressor, excavator or generator. The system provides on-going revenue, utilisation and profitability analysis on these individual items. Expendable items, on the other hand, are held in quantity, such as scaffold poles, where the performance of an individual item is largely irrelevant and these items may be sold or hired with equal ease.

A simple Advice Note Entry function provides a single data entry point for the Hire Desk, and allows both items being sold and items being hired to be entered onto a single document.

On-going hires may be invoiced on a regular basis, normally monthly but at whatever frequency is required and a final invoice is generated once the hired items have been off-hired.

Flexible Rate Structures

The key to successfully handling hire invoicing is in correctly specifying the hire charges for given periods of time. axis diplomat for hire makes this easy by offering an extremely flexible rating structure mechanism. A number of different Rating Structures may be set up on the system, each of which can be applied to one or more items. Rating Structures are defined in terms of a percentage of a base rate for various periods of time - the base rate itself is defined on the individual items so the same structure can be used on any number of hire items where the actual hire price varies but not the way in which hire charges are calculated.

Additional Modules

In addition to the standard hire management facilities within axis diplomat for hire, a number of additional modules are available which extend the package into other areas of the business.

A Test Scheduling and History Recording module is available to facilitate the tracking of the tests required on various hire items to ensure that they conform with safety and maintenance regulations - such as MOTs and Electrical Safety Tests. The results of previous tests are recorded and test certificates can be produced.

This module can also be used to track the tests required by customer's equipment as well as your own, and so this module is also ideally suited to those businesses that undertake contract maintenance work for their customers.

A Point of Sale module is also available which is of particular interest to those companies who have a high throughput of non-account hires, and in particular tool hire shops. This module can optionally interface to specialised hardware, including cash drawers and bar code readers to speed up the processing of hires at the counter.

All software in the axis diplomat range is produced within the UK by axisfirst - no “3rd party add-ons” from “approved developers” means that you can be assured that the integration between all parts of the system, from the hire desk to the Nominal Ledger, is as easy and seamless as possible. This also means that you will not be in the situation where one part of your system stops working because you have received an upgrade to another part of the system from another supplier!

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