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Our team of consultants are involved in every project from the outset and our goal is to understand, as fully as possible, your business so that we may offer the advice and guidance on the software that you need and how best to use it.

For a new client, this may involve seeing your current processes, often including

  • following a sales order from receipt of order (or even earlier if there is a quotation stage) through to picking, packing and despatch
  • if you receive orders from multiple sources (for example, by phone, from your website and from other marketplaces such as eBay or Amazon) then we will explore the ways in which the processes may vary for each source
  • following the purchasing process, whether back-to-back (or dropship from supplier) or for stock
  • understanding your warehouse processes including goods inwards, stock take, replenishment and picking

If possible, our consultants also benefit from seeing your existing documentation (either physical printed documents or electronic such as emailed PDFs), both internal and customer-facing.

We place a huge emphasis on the consultancy element of the projects that we undertake as we believe that, the better our understanding of your business processes, the better our advice will be. We also find that this approach also helps avoid unexpected surprises at the deployment stage!

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