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Warehouse Management Solutions

Manage your Warehouse using axis diplomat 2020

Designed to improve efficiency in warehouse stock control and provide solutions to a multitude of warehouse management issues, axis diplomat's Warehouse Management System combines technologies such as barcode printing and scanning, wireless networking and handheld computing for real-time data capture.

From the moment an item arrives at your warehouse, axis diplomat helps to speed up your operations:

  • Having identified the purchase order, items can be inwarded, or received, using either bar-code scanning or a handheld PDA's touch-screen interface
  • For those items received from suppliers who do not bar code their products, these can be labeled at the point of receipt - you can print the required number of labels for each item, in real-time
  • When goods are packed away, you can enforce the identification of the bin location by scanning a bar coded shelf label (these can also be printed from axis diplomat)
  • As items are placed into bins, axis diplomat's stock on hand figures are updated and once a delivery has been received these items can be back-flushed to back-orders awaiting them. These back-orders then automatically appear as ready to be picked
  • For those with separate bulk and pick locations, automatically generate replenishment orders to re-stock the pick face. This can help avoid delayed picking due to insufficient stock in the picking warehouse.

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