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Security within axis diplomat 2020 and axis payroll 2020

The data held within any ERP or line-of-business application is vital to your business which is why both axis diplomat and axis payroll include a vast array of facilities designed to secure your investment - both in terms of accidents and disaster recovery and from unauthorised access.

Operator Privacy & Security

Restricting the functions that an operator has access to, and the data within functions that they can see, not only protects you against unauthorised access but also simplifies the system for the operator by only giving them the functions they need.

Operators may be assigned to groups and individual functions or entire sections of the system may be removed from users or groups. For example, the entire Nominal Ledger may be hidden from everyone except those in the Accounts group or specific Directors.

Functions that a user has no access to simply do not appear on their system so they do not need to know that there are parts of the system they are not allowed to access.

Similarly access to specific types of data can be hidden - for example, those in the Telesales group may see the selling price information but not cost prices.

Disaster Recovery

axis diplomat and axis payroll include three methods of securing your data against disasterous data loss. The use of these backup facilities is generally automatic and completely transparent to the operator.

Data Backups

Backups are automatically taken overnight and on demand. Backups are in the form of a single compressed file which, in conjunction with the software itself, contain all of the information needed to reconstitute your data. These backups can be held on a device physically separate from your main server. An additional service (SOS or Safe Off-Site Storage) allows those backups to be sent to our own backup servers to protect against total system loss (such as fire or flood).

Roll Forward Data Protection

With Roll Forward Data Protection, all updates are logged in a separate database (which may also reside on a physically separate device). In the event of the need to restore a full backup, the Roll Forward updates can be used to bring the database back up to date. In most case, this means that even in the case of a complete system failure, the data loss may be no more than a few minutes, even when the backup that has been restored is many hours old.

Roll Back Data Protection

Roll Back Data Protection allows updates to be undone back to a known safe point. In these cases, the restore in much faster as there is no need to restore an earlier backup.

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