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Order Management Software

Manage order processing for all of your sales and purchasing channels with axis diplomat's powerful Order Processing Software.

Order Processing consolidates orders from all of your retail and wholesale channels into a single interface where you can efficiently manage them to completion.

Providing you with the facilities you need to automate your order processing and increase your capacity whilst minimising the additional resources you have available.

Many axis diplomat users have reported that they have been able to achieve large increases in the volume of order with little or no increase to their staffing levels, achieving a clear and measurable return on their investment.

You can use axis diplomat to manage your sales order processing, purchase order processing and customer returns.

These different aspects of your business are, naturally, fully integrated - if your sales orders are dropshipped on your behalf by your suppliers, for example, then the sales orders automatically create a demand on your stock and the purchase order processing module then identifies the best supplier to place the order with.

If you receive regular stock updates from your suppliers then that purchasing decision can be based not only on who is currently offering the best price but also take into account who currently has stock available.

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