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Electronic Trading using axis diplomat 2020

Achieve fantastic levels of automation regardless of how your orders arrive by using axis diplomat!

Import orders directly from your website - if you are using a website built using axis vMerchant then you can take this level of automation to its maximum extent, with customer-specific pricing using any of the numerous pricing models supported by axis diplomat. Order status updates and order history (including orders placed by other means) can be fed back to the website and delivery notifications, including courier tracking references, sent to your customers.

If you trade on marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon then you can import orders directly from those platforms or via the marketplace management solution from Channel Advisor.

If you deal with large corporate clients or high street retailers who require that you offer EDI then we also have a number of links including via GXS Freeway.

Regardless of the way in which your orders arrive, they can be imported automatically into axis diplomat, stock can be allocated and orders passed to the warehouse for picking or to the supplier for direct delivery. For most customers, the first time a human being needs to be touch the order is when the goods are taken from the shelf in the stores!

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