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Accounting Software

Straightforward Accounting Software for Small and Medium Businesses

Explore how moving your financial data and accounting procedures to axis diplomat can transform your business.

In addition to the core ledgers, every axis diplomat 2020 system allows you to manage your day-to-day accounting requirements, including accruals and prepayments, managing your VAT returns and preparing draft accounts.

Nominal Ledger

The Nominal Ledger allows the financial structure of the company to be shown in detail and takes the book keeping operations through to a Trial Balance and Draft Accounts, incorporating Trading Account, Profit and Loss and Balance Sheet.

Analysis of the Nominal Ledger is multi-tiered: information can be analysed by

  • Individual account
  • Account groups
  • Departments
  • Cost centres

The Nominal Ledger features all of the facilities you would expect from a sophisticated financial package, including accruals, prepayments and interfaces to the axis payroll software. The Nominal Ledger also features an advanced set of Budgeting tools.

Sales and Purchase Ledgers

The Sales Ledger within axis diplomat provides comprehensive analysis of your trading with your customers, far beyond the essential accounting, auditing and tax requirements, whilst the Purchase Ledger holds details on suppliers, and your trading with them. Customers and Suppliers can be sub-divided into groups and a wide range of information held and produced for them.

Flexible credit terms, together with support for early settlement discounts, mean that system can produce an up-to-date picture of your debtor and creditor position at any time.

Transactions (such as cash, invoices and credit notes) are retained indefinitely. A full audit trail and detailed allocation history make it easy to see, for example, what invoices were paid using a particular cash receipt or credit note. Documents are also archived indefintely so you are able to reprint invoices months or years after they were originally raised, whilst the accumulated data is used to provide a massive range of sales analysis information. For example, the system can show who has been buying selected products over any period of time since the system was first used - or to provide powerful Gap Analysis, showing who has not been buying products or who has recently stopped buying particular products.

Cash Book

The Cash Book is used to manage both your Petty Cash and your Bank Accounts. Full facilities exist to cover the reconciliation of bank statements, entry and allocation of cash receipts and cash payments, along with standing orders and, on multi currency systems, support for currency bank accounts.

Stock Ledger

The Stock Ledger within axis diplomat can be used as a full stock control system or as a means to simplify invoicing and purchasing.

For systems that are to be used for full stock control, all of the functions required will be found within the axis diplomat Stock Ledger. These include stock take facilities, stock valuations and detailed stock movement analysis.


The standard Invoicing module allows creation of invoices and credit notes, using free-typed descriptions and prices or by utilising the stock ledger. Items selected from the Stock Ledger will automatically pick up the correct cost and selling price information and simultaneously update stock on hand figures. Most systems, however, will use the integrated Sales Order Processing and Purchase Order Processing modules to handle the day-to-day trade.

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