Official Opening of GCHQ's National Cyber Security Centre

Having already handled 188 high level cyber-attacks in the UK in the past three months, the government’s new National Cyber Security Centre is built to deal with the increasing number, frequency and sophistication of severe hacking attempts.

Operational since October 2016, the centre will lead the response to the most serious incidents to help shape the underlying technological improvements in securing the internet in the UK. This will include shutting down phishing websites, reducing spoof emails and working with public sector organisations to eliminate vulnerabilities in their websites.

The project is part of a £1.9 billion fund announced by the previous chancellor; George Osborne and will officially be opened by Her Majesty the Queen later today.

The centre will also be working more openly with UK businesses to help them protect themselves against hackers.

Protecting your systems from malicious software and hackers is a rapidly evolving arms race. axisfirst is constantly reviewing and evaluating threat trends and the tools available to help protect your systems and data.

No security is perfect and attacks can still succeed but it is imperative that you limit the risk to your business. We take your security seriously and would welcome the opportunity to discuss your security precautions with you.

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