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axis diplomat 2020 Modules

31. Voice Recording Interface

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The axis diplomat Voice Recording Interface offers close integration between axis diplomat and Avaya’s call recording solution for IP Office, Voicemail Pro.

This module builds on the facilities provided by the axis diplomat telephony interface feature to link call recordings to customers or suppliers and gives users a simple interface to access these recordings within customer or supplier enquiries.


31.1 Voice Recording Interface module

The Voice Recording Interface module provides market-leading integration between call recordings and axis diplomat.

Key Features

  • Compresses and archives the call recordings made by your phone system
  • Links call recordings (together with call details) with axis diplomat customers and suppliers via the account and  contact ‘phone numbers
  • Plays back a call on demand simply and easily from axis diplomat’s call and event screens within customer and supplier enquiry fucntions
  • Provides ability to download a copy of the recording
  • Restricts access to call recordings by axis diplomat user or user group

31.2 Completing the Customer Relationship Management “picture”

axis diplomat provides sophisticated CRM facilities as standard allowing users to log details of issues/incidents against individual contacts, log subsequent events and assign responsibility and priority.

Build on this capability to also show details of phone calls made to, and received from, customers (and suppliers) with the Telephony Integration feature and extend this further to link in the actual recordings of these calls with the Voice Recording Interface module.

Add in the axis diplomat Archiver interface module to link and drill-down into outbound and inbound emails within customer and supplier accounts.

axis diplomat  brings together information entered by your users, their emails and their phone calls into a single unified interface providing unsurpassed relationship management fucntionality for todays’ competitive environments.


31.3 Training and dispute resolution tool

You may have deployed voice recording solutions in the past but were they used to deliver benifits to the business?

Instead of leaving recording ‘gathering dust’ because staff don’t know that they exists how to access them, the ease of access provided by the axis diplomat Voice Recording Interface combined with the security of granting access to recordings by individual axis diplomat user (or group) means that supervisors and managers in your business can really start to use this valuable training and dispute resolution tool.


31.4 Accessing a recording

To view the list of recordings for a given customer or supplier, select the ‘Events’ tab on the axis diplomat customer or supplier acount. If you’ve been granted access rights to play call recordings you’ll see the speaker icon against each call for which a  recording exists (the existence of a recording for any particular call will be determined by the configuration of your phone system).

Simply select the phone call from the list and select ‘Play’. The recording is played through your PC’s speaker using your default media player.

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