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axis diplomat - Product Support Lifecycle

Product support lifecycle policy on the axis diplomat software product range.

Software publishers are under constant pressure to support new technology and introduce new features in order to deliver competitive advantage to users. As technology and products develop an increasing proportion of the user base moves to take advantage of later versions making older versions increasingly difficult and uneconomic to maintain.

axisfirst's Product Support Lifecycle Policy is intended to provide consistent and predictable guidelines for product support availability from the time a product is released.

The Product Support Lifecycle Policy provides that axisfirst will offer a minimum of five years of mainstream product support from the date of it's release. After the end of mainstream product support, axisfirst may, at its discretion, offer a further period of extended product support.

During the period of Mainstream Product Support standard support contracts are offered, providing software level updates and helpdesk assistance by telephone, email and remote access.

Once a product has entered the Extended Product Support phase, standard support contracts are no longer available however Extended Support Contracts may be offered on a case-by-case basis. axisfirst will not accept requests for warranty support, design changes, enhancement modifications, or new features during the Extended Product Support phase.

Product Lifecycles

Please check the list below for your current product version:

Product Version

Version No.

Release Date

Mainstream Product Support
End Date

Extended Product Support
End Date

axis diplomat 2012


3rd December 2012

31st December 2017


axis diplomat 2010


12th November 2010

30th November 2015


axis diplomat 2008


6th October 2008

1st November 2013


axis diplomat 2006


1st November 2006

1st December 2011


axis diplomat 2004


1st July 2004

31st October 2009


axis diplomat 2000SE


1st September 2002

1st October 2007

1st January 2009

axis diplomat 2000


1st January 2000

1st January 2005

1st January 2006

axis diplomat Professional


1st November 1994

31st December 1999

31st December 2002