Software Services

3. PassTime (Prepaid Axis Software Services)

3.1 Prepaid Axis Software Services Time-units

The axisfirst software services team can provide a range of services to assist with the set up or on-going maintenance of an axis diplomat system or axis vMerchant web site that are not covered by a standard Software Support contract, since they are not support-related.

The following additional services are available to axis diplomat customers as part of a Prepaid Axis Software Services Time-unit based pack (PassTime):

  • Document designer template creation or modification.
  • Business Intelligence module configuration.
  • ODBC/SQL query/scripting writing & maintenance.
  • Report writing.
  • Importing/exporting data via Microsoft Excel.
  • Small Software Modifications (Change requests).
  • Remote training.

Without a PassTime contract, provision of any of these services would require a purchase order to be raised and all of the associated paperwork - remittance advice, payment booking and allocation, etc. - associated with a financial transaction with a supplier.

PassTime time-unit based packs provide an alternative method that is simple and easy to use and allows for smaller jobs to be handled without involving excessive paperwork.

How Do Time Unit Based Services Work?

By pre-purchasing a block of PassTime units you are able to utilise any of these services; the time taken on a particular task (rounded up to the next 15 minutes) is deducted from the pool and regular statements provided. Packs are available in 40 x 15 minute, 30 x 15 minutes and 20 x 15 minute unit sizes.


PassTime packs provide a mechanism to allow customers to pre-purchase blocks of time that can be used for specific services which are not provided by a Support Contract.


3.2 Can I Use These Units for On-Site Services, such as Training?

PassTime is designed for the tasks listed above and is not intended for on-site work since, in most cases, the traveling time alone would consume all of the time units in a pack! You can use PassTime time units to book a remote training or consultation session.


3.3 How Do I Know I Won't Use All of My Units on One Job?

When you have a requirement for one of these services, we will provide an estimate of the number of units we expect the task to take and will then proceed with email authorisation following that.

If, once started, it looks as if a job will take significantly more units than previously quoted then we will contact you again before proceeding.


3.4 Does The Software Not Allow Me To Do These Things Myself?

Yes, with the exception of Software Modifications, you do have the tools to carry out these operations yourself but you may lack the time, skills or confidence to make best use of the facilities available.

Sometimes, it can be just quicker, easier and more cost effective to ask us to do something like redesigning your invoice layout on your behalf - because we do this all of the time.


3.5 Can I Use These Units for Anything Else?

Yes - if you also have a website that has been built by us, units can be used for small ad-hoc modifications to your site. This can include design and graphic-creation services. Some customers, for example, use PassTime units to ask us to design advertising banners for their website and marketing emails on a regular basis, or even to redress their site with a Christmas themed graphics each December.


3.6 How Long Does a PassTime Pack Last?

Units do not expire provided that a valid axis diplomat Software Support contract is in place. When the balance of outstanding units drops below five units, our administration team will contact you to discuss a top-up pack. Unused PassTime units are not refundable.


3.7 How Do I Purchase a PassTime Pack?

PassTime packs are only available to customers with current Software Support Contracts in place.

When ordering a PassTime pack, please quote reference: PASSTIME40 (40 unit pack), PASSTIME30 (30 unit pack) or PASSTIME20 (20 unit pack).


3.8 Example

You have a mailing list which you wish to import into your Sales Ledger as prospects. You know the software is capable of doing this but it is more than a year since you last did it and will be another year before you do it again.

You could order training on how to do it but you know that by the time you next need to do this, you will need training again!

The axisfirst Customer Service’s team can access your system remotely (subject to the appropriate facilities being available on your network) and run through the import.

[The size and complexity of the mailing list import together with the quality of the data format in which it has been provided will determine the time taken and therefore the number of time units consumed.]